Eating Disorders Assessment / Bariatric PreSurgical Evals

Eating Disorder Assessment

Dr. LeDay is an expert in Eating Disorders treatment, having worked in the field for over 10 years with women and men of all ages. Dr. LeDay can determine if you or your loved one has a diagnosable eating disorder and help you to identify which level of care would offer the greatest benefit for recovery. Having run eating disorder facilities on the East & West Coasts, Dr. LeDay can provide the appropriate treatment referrals to suit your emotional needs or even serve as your individual therapist when outpatient treatment is a suitable option .

SCOFF Questionnaire
    1. Make yourself SICK when you feel uncomfortably full?
    2. Worry you have lost CONTROL over how much you eat?
    3. Recently lost more than 14 pounds within three months?
( ONE stone's worth of weight)
    1. Believe you are FAT when others say you are too thin?
    2. Would you say that FOOD dominates your life?
Score one point for each question answered 'yes' above - Two or more points may suggest an eating disorder. This is just a screening device …any diagnosis of an eating disorder should be provided by a Licensed clinician!

Bariatric Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Prior to bariatric bypass surgery, you may be asked by your physician and/or insurance provider to undergo a pre-surgical psychological evaluation. This is because often times, the success of post-operative recovery can be predicted by a pre-surgical evaluation. Knowing your frame of mind, expectations, and support system can increase the likelihood that your procedure and recovery will be successful.

The evaluation itself is not a long process and most of the time it is completed in one visit, usually lasting 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

The evaluation consists of two parts:

  • A thorough interview where you will be asked about many aspects of your life, including information about your past, your present situation, and your future goals after the surgery. One important part of the interview is to learn about the your weight loss expectations in the first year.
  • A series of psychological tests (all individually selected) - the number of tests and how many hours it will last varies. The tests gather information about your emotional status, your behavioral tendencies, your coping style, and identifies any issues that may need to be addressed before or after your surgery.

Dr. LeDay brings a skilled eye to Bariatric Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations, having extensive experience working with Compulsive Over-Eaters, Binge Eaters & clients with other food struggles. Surgical recommendations are based upon guidelines set by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.

In the event that pre or post counseling is necessary, Dr. LeDay can help you understand the role that food plays in your life. Providing counsel to address dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle changes that will promote the best outcomes and help to alter the behaviors & underlying emotions that may be driving unhealthy habits.