Individual / Family / Couples Therapy

Individual Therapy

We all want happiness, contentment and a general sense of satisfaction with ourselves and in our relationships. But life's challenges can often throw us off track. Therapy is an opportunity to more thoroughly understand the obstacles that get in our way. Successful therapy requires a good match between client and therapist. It also requires an understanding that therapy is a process that unfolds by virtue of commitment and courage to explore issues with openness and honesty. One of our primary goals is to create and maintain a therapy environment that is supportive and safe while also conducive to change and personal growth.

Clients often come to therapy with a wide variety of struggles:

•Strained relationships with partners or family
•Increased anxiety
•Mood Disorders
•Significant depression
•Grief, loss, and other trauma issues
•Life stage struggles
•Diminished self-esteem
•Job-related stress
•Work / Life Balance
•Dealing with Chronic Illness
•Learning Disabilities & ADHD
•School Problems
•Childhood & Adolescent Behavioral Problems
•Eating Disorders
•Anger Management
•Bereavement / Grief
•OCD and MANY other mental health issues

Change can be a difficult process. By working collaboratively in therapy, your goals will emerge and we can develop strategies and a plan of action. These steps may include:

•Increasing self-awareness or self-knowledge, including understanding your role in creating solutions.
•Learning to cope more effectively in difficult circumstances.
•Building close, positive relationships and healthy support systems.


Family Therapy

When our family life is tense, stressed, or conflicted, it affects our whole life. Our focus will be to help your family achieve harmony, balance, and resolution. In family therapy, the focus is not on the individual. No one person is seen as "the problem." The goal is to understand the whole family - how family members interact with each other and how each member contributes to the overall family dynamic.

We work with families to resolve:

•Children's aggression, lying, stealing
•Discipline issues and differences
Teen problems
•Communication struggles
•Temper tantrums
•Drug and alcohol use
•Issues related to life-threatening or chronic illness in a family member
•Grief due to loss, separation, divorce
•Concerns involving elder care
•Boundary problems

A cohesive, communicative, healthy family is our goal!

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is also referred to as Marital Therapy or Marriage Counseling. When couples seek professional help, they have likely been living with their difficulties for a long time and feel discouraged about solving them. Our Center clinicians seek to help resolve the issues troubling you and your partner. We address the full range of issues that couples experience during the lifetime of a relationship.

Such issues may include:

  • Intimacy and trust-building
  • Communication skills
  • Money issues
  • Sexual concerns
  • Premarital counseling
  • Learning to express feelings so they can be heard
  • Dealing with an affair
  • Feelings of anger and betrayal
  • Deciding to break-up or break through
  • Problems with adult children
  • Issues arising from previous relationships
  • Blended family issues his children/my children/our children
  • Working through midlife crisis
  • Spiritual or religious differences
  • Stress due to time, money, work: the not enough time for us syndrome

Our goal is to offer assistance to couples in an effort to repair, renew, and restore their love, or to move on with clarity and growth.